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Premium Jane’s 25mg CBD capsules offer the same high-quality oil formulation that our customers have come to expect from us. However, instead of traditional oil, we’ve curated a range of convenient CBD capsules. Our CBD gel capsules (25mg) can be bought in a total of 750mg; this means 30 capsules in every container. CBD Capsules (25mg) for Sale on Our Site At Premium Jane, we make it as simple as possible to buy 25mg CBD capsules. To us, this means being fully transparent with our customers about how we craft our products. From using organic hemp to consulting with industry experts on manufacturing, our capsules are the result of dedicated professionals and CBD specialists. Find out more about how we control quality below. How to Use CBD Oil Capsules (25mg) Our (25 mg) CBD Oil Capsules are the epitome of ease and convenience. To consume our softgels, you simply swallow one capsule with a sip of water to increase comfort. Similarly, we produce our capsules with a soft gel lining, making it easier than ever to use. Many of our customers choose capsules not only because the method of using them is familiar but because they are also discreet. Whether you prefer to keep the capsules at home on a bedside table, in the office, or in a backpack, it’s easy to do so. In addition, our custom bottles ensure that our capsules have an impressive shelf-life. Why Are Premium Jane’s CBD Softgels (25 mg) High-Quality? To ensure our CBD Softgels (25mg) are premium quality, we implement strict standards for the ingredients we use. This begins with where we source our hemp. At Premium Jane, we work with US hemp farms that prioritize organic growing methods. This means our capsule formulation is free of heavy metals and harmful pesticides. In addition, our CBD capsules never contain more than 0.3% THC. Our CBD Pills (25mg): Learn the Basics To learn more about what compounds our 25 mg CBD pills contain, our customers can look at lab reports. In order to be impartial and get an accurate analysis of our oil formulations, we work with reputable third-party laboratories. These labs conduct several tests on our products to ensure potency, safety, and a full-spectrum CBD profile. CBD Capsules (25mg): Understanding Full-Spectrum At Premium Jane, our CBD Capsules (25 mg) contains a full-spectrum oil formulation. In essence, this means you can find a blend of different compounds found organically in hemp. Cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN), terpenes, and flavonoids are just a few examples of what our capsules contain. These compounds work together to give a rich and complex liquid that we contain within a soft gel casing. Customers can view our lab reports to see what compounds exist within our 25mg CBD capsules.

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